Current projects

We are Ireland’s leading experts on lampreys, and work throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. We are also available to work in England, Scotland and Wales and do not charge for travel time or expenses when travelling to the Britain. For information on research we have completed recently please see the link below.

Juvenile lamprey survey
Juvenile lamprey survey Also, see our facebook page for current information on what we are doing. This can be accessed at the following link: Some recent work we did during 2013 is also discussed in this post ‘Lamprey translocation work‘.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) of the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government (DEHLG) contracted ECOFACT to undertake catchment-wide surveys in selected river SACs designated for lampreys. To date, ECOFACT has completed lamprey surveys on the Moy, Boyne, Feale, Corrib and Suir catchments.

Ecofact lamprey surveys
Ecofact lamprey surveys

The following reports have been produced and are available to download from Alternatively please contact us here.

Juvenile lamprey survey
Juvenile lamprey survey

For further information please contact Dr. William O’Connor at +353 61 419477 or go to the main website of Ecofact Environmental Consultants (

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