Juvenile lamprey identification

ECOFACT staff are experts in the identification of all the life cycle-stages of lampreys, including juveniles and transformers. We have prepared this new page to provide guidance on identifying lampreys. It can be accessed here. Lampreys can be identified to species level in the field (for the majority of specimens) using the key ‘Identifying Lamprey. A field key for Sea, River and Brook Lamprey‘ by Gardiner (2003).

This is the key we use and we explain how to use it and give some examples in Irish context at the link here. We recommend using myomere counting on all juvenile specimens that have ‘sea lamprey type’ pigmentation. However, if this key is followed closely most specimens encountered in the field can be identified to species level.

Ecofact lamprey surveys
Ecofact lamprey surveys

ECOFACT are Ireland’s leading ecology team and have unparalleled expertise in aquatic ecology and fisheries assessments.

Also see our main website at www.ecofact.ie.  

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